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Considering the Community Effects of Introducing an Official MongoDB Go Driver

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What do you do when an open-source project you rely on no longer meets your needs?  When your choice affects not just you, but a larger community, what principles guide your decision?

Submitting patches is often the first option, but you're at the mercy of the maintainer to accept them.  If the changes you need are sweeping, substantial alterations, the odds of acceptance are low.  Eventually, only a few realistic options remain: find an alternative, fork the project, or write your own replacement.  Everyone who depends on open source faces this conundrum at one time or another.

After relying for years on the community-developed mgo Go driver for MongoDB, MongoDB has begun work on a brand-new, internally-developed, open-source Go driver.  We know that releasing a company-sponsored alternative to a successful, community-developed project creates tension and uncertainty for users, so we did not make this decision lightly. We carefully considered how our choice would affect current and future Go users of MongoDB.

Cat-Herd's Crook: How YAML test specs improve driver conformance

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At MongoDB we write open source database drivers in ten programming languages. We also help developers in our community replicate our drivers' behavior in even more (and more exotic) languages. Ideally, all drivers behave alike; or, where they differ, the differences are written down and justified. How can we herd all these cats along the same path?

For years we failed. Each false start at standardization left us more discouraged. But we’ve recently gained momentum on standardizing our drivers. Human-readable, machine-testable specs, coded in YAML, prove which code conforms and which does not. These YAML tests are the Cat-Herd's Crook: a tool to guide us all in the same direction.